Friday, February 3, 2012

Toning with Purple Shampoo

FINALLY, a question! It was sent by a facebook friend:

So my hair has a very slight purple-tint to it from my shimmering lights. What do you suggest I do to change this? Besides take a break from the purple shampoo for a bit? Will it go away soon?!?!

First I would like to say that I am a big fan of toning shampoos/conditioners! Its a great way to keep your hair color refreshed between your color appointments. That being said it can go wrong if you aren't careful. The whole point of purple shampoo, is to help eliminate gold (Yellow) tones in blond hair, for a more platinum blond. Depending on the shade of blond and the length of time you use the purple shampoo, you run the risk of over toning the hair and it turning lavender. The best way to avoid this, can be controlled by the amount you put in. When using the purple shampoo, I always tell clients to cocktail the purple with your regular shampoo, 50/50, and leave it on for 1-3 minutes and rinse, (and condition as normal). This was you can determine if you need more purple. If you need more purple, then try 2/3 purple and 1/3 regular, and so on. Same with the amount of time its left on. However I would not put that shampoo and leave it on more then about 4-5 minutes. The more yellow (warm, goldish) blond, the longer you'll probably leave it on.
A lot of times when I am pulling dark color out to add highlights, you come across two tone hair : really blond at the roots (where the grow out is virgin hair) and then the warm ends (where you are trying to pull and strip out the previous color). If this is the condition that your highlights are in then when using the toning shampoo, only use the purple on the warm ends to help take out the yellow and give you more even highlights, roots to ends.
Now, if you have left this toner on to long and your your rockin' the Easter egg hair color (lol JK), it will come out in time, but there is a trick to getting it out faster. One way would be do buy a clarifying shampoo, which will help strip all product, oils and cuticle stains from the hair. Using that a couple days in a row with warmer water should help the color stain come out.
On a side note, I do think it is important for everyone to have a clarifying shampoo on hand. About once a month use the clarifying shampoo to help pull out any product build up on the scalp (to help the scalp breath) and down your hair strands. If you don't want to buy a clarifying shampoo, another way to clarify the hair is to rinse your hair with vinegar. I would use the apple cider vinegar or white distilled vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent way to remove stubborn product from your hair, especially for men's hair glue and gel.

I hope I answered your question (let me know how it worked!) and hopefully gave some of my readers a new tip on how to improve the quality of your own hair. I would love some feed back or comments from anyone who has tried these suggestions on their hair or any additions to removing cuticle stains from the hair.
As always, you can email me or comment/message on blogger with suggestions for topics or questions of your own!

Happy New Year Everyone....Unless emailed a question or topic, my next blog will feature an edgy new style trend for 2012! I will be doing 2 blogs a week, so stay tuned!! Cheers!


  1. I have used a toning shampoo for years and have found that mixing the 50/50 cocktail works great! In the beginning I used it full strength and had lavender hair so I used a good clarifying shampoo to remove it. Although my hair is not colored I love the toning shampoo for my gray as it tones any yellow out. Thanks for the information, I will stay tuned for the next blog!

  2. Can't wait to see more regular posts!

  3. Lot of great info! I am definitely going to try the vinegar trick to clarify my hair. Maybe that could be another post - beautifying with products you have on hand in your kitchen. :)

  4. Good idea girl! I was just thinking about getting a new clarifier! Thanks for the beauty tips! PS you have single-handedly influenced my nail polish addiction! Jordon thanks you ; ) ha ha

  5. Hi, I was reading your suggestion for using apple cider vinegar as a clarifier for your hair. I'm excited about trying this out. When you apply it to your hair, how long should you leave it in? Do you comb through or massage your scalp? I have a habit of overdoing it sometimes so I want to make sure I do it right. Thank you.

  6. before i try making your own purple shampoo i wanna know what the risk of my hair turnin purple is. you cant have a purple hair hooters girl :)

  7. WISH WISH WISH my stylist had told me about mixing the ratio's BEFORE I used it for the first time which would have been last evening exactly 24 hours after having my hair taken down to a beautiful Platinum sheen ;)

    I would realize after getting out of the shower that my beautiful platinum locks were now a light shade of lavender.. Not quite the look I was going for and of course my salon is closed for the new years holiday.

    So now I can at least hit the drug store and pick up a bottle of the clarifying shampoo. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this invaluable advice ;) Happy New Year :)